The Difference

At The Nails Club, every precaution is taken to ensure your safety and protect your health. Be confident that the professionals at The Nails Club follow every preventative procedure when it comes to your well being.

Client Profile
The first step in becoming a Nails Club client is to complete the Client Profile that caters and notes your specific needs and requests.

CONTÉGO Pedicure System
Instead of over-sized pedicure thrones with noisy jets, your feet soak in CONTÉGO tubs fitted with disposable liners. Aside from being quieter and more soothing, there are no places like jets, filters and tubes for bacteria to lurk and thrive. CONTÉGO – 100% Disposable Pedicure System liners prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus, and other infectious diseases.

Rigorous Sterilization and Sanitizing Procedures
All metal implements are sealed in envelopes and sterilized in a steam autoclave similar to those used in medical offices. Your Nails Club techs always use a fresh bag of implements, opened exclusively for you.

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